with the email  (the “Client”) 


Canada Shaws Consulting Inc.  (the “Company”)

The “Company” is Canada Shaws Consulting Inc.  “公司”为加晓移民公司

The “Client” is an individual in which the Company provides any form of business service to per any client-company agreement signed.  


You acknowledge and agree that in the interactions with Canada Shaws Consulting Inc., you will have access to and become acquainted with Confidential Information.


During and after your interaction with Canada Shaws Incorporated, you shall not, directly, or indirectly, disclose, use, copy, communicate or transfer any Confidential Information to any third party without Canada Shaws Incorporated’s prior written permission. Further, you agree to take all precautions that Canada Shaws Incorporated currently requires or may in the future require and take reasonable steps to protect Canada Shaws Incorporated’s Confidential Information from unauthorized use, communication, copying, transfer, and disclosure by other persons.



After your interaction with Canada Shaws Incorporated ends, you shall permanently refrain from copying, transferring, using, communicating, and disclosing Confidential Information for any reason except with Canada Shaws Incorporated’s prior written permission or to comply with a court order (in which case, you will immediately notify Canada Shaws Incorporated upon receipt of the court order and indicate the Confidential Information you intend to disclose).


You acknowledge and agree that all Confidential Information, whether unrecorded or recorded in electronic or physical form, is the exclusive property of Canada Shaws Incorporated or the owner thereof. You agree to immediately deliver all Confidential Information to Canada Shaws Incorporated upon request at any time during and after your interaction with the Company.


“Confidential Information” means (a) information in recorded or unrecorded form that is not generally available to the public and is generated, collected or used in the course of Canada Shaws Incorporated’s  past, current and anticipated business and operational activities; and (b) information provided to Canada Shaws Incorporated by third parties, which Canada Shaws Incorporated is obligated to keep confidential, and includes (but is not limited to): financial/accounting information; all data and information relating to the services provided by the Company to any clients or parties that have dealings with the Company; business plans, strategies, and proposals; methods of operation; reports; forecasts and forecast assumptions; marketing and development information (prices, costs, billing policies, quoting methods, marketing techniques, methods of obtaining business which were, have been or are being discussed; inventions, improvements and intellectual property; trade secrets; know-how; software; market or sales information; lists of individuals or organizations with whom Canada Shaws Incorporated has dealings; information relating to business opportunities or prospective business opportunities that Canada Shaws Incorporated is pursuing or considering; any personal information of employees/contractors/directors/clients; contracts; and quantity and specifications of services purchased, leased, licensed or received by or from individuals or organizations with whom Canada Shaws Incorporated has dealings. “Confidential Information” does not include information that was already known by you prior to your interaction with Canada Shaws Incorporated or becomes widely known to the public, other than through the improper disclosure of such information in breach of a legal or contractual obligation of confidentiality.

“保密信息”是指(a)以记录或未记录的形式存在的、公众⼀般⽆法获得的、在加晓移民公司过去、当前和预期的业务和运营活动过程中产⽣、收集或使⽤的信息;以及(b)第三⽅提供给加晓移民公司的、加晓移民公司有义务保密的信息,包括(但不限于):财务/会计信息;与本公司向任何与本公司有业务往来的客户或各⽅提供的服务有关的所有数据和信息;商业计划、战略和提案⽅法的操作;报告;预测和预测假设;曾经讨论过的、已经讨论过的或正在讨论的市场营销和开发信息(价格、成本、账单政策、报价⽅法、营销技巧、获得业务的⽅法); 发明、改进和知识产权;商业秘密; 技术;软件;市场或销售信息;与加晓移民公司有业务往来的个⼈或组织名单; 加晓移民公司正在寻求或考虑的商业机会或潜在商业机会的相关信息;雇员/承建商/董事/客户的任何个⼈资料;合同; 加晓移民公司与之有业务往来的个⼈或组织购买、租赁、许可或接受的服务的数量和规格。“保密信息”不包括您在与加晓移民公司互动之前已经知道的信息,或为公众⼴泛知晓的信息,但违反法律或合同保密义务的不正当披露该等信息除外。

Without the written consent of the Company, you agree not to directly or indirectly engage or participate in any business activities with parties/clients in which the Company has dealings with which the Company, in its reasonable discretion, determines to conflict with the best interests of the Company. 


You will be expected to discharge your responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner and to refrain from any act that may constitute a conflict of interest.


You agrees that will not make, at any time, any statement or permit or authorize any statement to be made which is calculated or reasonably likely to damage the reputation or cause other damage to Canada Shaws Incorporated, any subsidiary or associated company or its or their clients, employees, officers, or directors, whether orally or in writing and whether on any form of social media.


You agree to financially compensate the Company for any direct or indirect reputational and financial damages (any behaviour which has caused or could have caused damage to the reputation and/or financial performance of the Company) which result from the breach of this confidentiality agreement intentionally or unintentionally/directly or indirectly.

您同意就因有意或⽆意/直接或间接违反本保密协议⽽导致的任何直接或间接的声誉和财务损害 (已经或可能对公司声誉和/或财务业绩造成损害的任何⾏为)向公司进⾏经济赔偿。

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Signed On: 2022-11-17

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